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Research & Development

With the endless research and development, we will open a new era of environment/energy and mechanical industries.

With the endless research and development, we will open a new era of environment/energy and mechanical industries.
Research and development are the only door to open the future. EM Solution will be always in the core of energy and machine industries by developing future oriented new technologies and continuous fusion of technologies.
EM Solution’s R&D center has led the development of energy and precision machinery industries since its establishment in 2003. The company is striving to secure independent technologies and localize core parts in fields of hydrogen energy and many other industrial fields by employing excellent researchers.

EM Solution has made an aggressive investment in the hydrogen energy field, where it was never explored before in Korea. However, throughout this process, we have successfully introduced hydrogen generation plant, hydrogen fuel station, ship ballast water treatment system, etc. in the market.

Nevertheless, EM Solution will keep trying its best to develop the products based on future oriented technology competitiveness for the “Only One” product rather than the “Best One” product.
Design and
The design team consist of twenty five specialists and yet, they are there to improve the performance of the products and customers need of satisfaction through optimum design and application of analysis techniques. Design and analysis
Minimize failures and maximize economic feasibility through 3D simulation prior to production of development products. Simulation
Test and
Regarding safety assurance problem, products are tested through the product performance verification test under similar environmental condition towards actual operating conditions prior to commercialization. Test and evaluation

R&D Part


Our dream is to make energy independent world using natural energies such as solar power, wind power, and etc. However, developing and supplying a commercialization technology of electrolysis type hydrogen fueling station would help in using natural energies and also to achieve our dream.

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